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"Fought Tooth & Nail"

Jessica S. - Personal Injury Client and R.N.

“Dave took my case even knowing I had preexisting injuries from a different car wreck! The other person who hit me didn’t have insurance, and I thought I was out of luck. Dave explained to me about uninsured motorist coverage, and he fought the insurance company tooth and nail so that I could walk away with a settlement.”

"Came to the Rescue!"

Giovanni - Mascot and Spirit Animal

“I was injured from a dog bite at the local park when a big dog bit my neck and almost severed my jugular! Fortunately, my master/attorney was able to come to the rescue and make the mean dog pay my veterinary bills! They say every dog has its day, but for me, it’s a good dog darn day everyday with Dave.”

"A True Problem Solver"

Personal Injury and Premises Liability Attorney

“I have worked with Mr. Wallace on researching complex legal issues in the fields of personal injury and premise liability. He is a diligent researcher, compassionate about his clients, responsive to client needs and a true problem solver.”

"Knowledgeable & Genuine"

Chance J. - Personal Injury and Defense Client

“David is incredible at what he does, he’s knowledgeable, honest, friendly, and thoughtful which is everything I could ask for. He will give you the facts but also his opinion when prompted. He won’t sugarcoat a situation and that’s what I love about working with him. I can fully trust him without hesitation! I’ll be a continuous client because he is genuine and that is so hard to find. Thank you for everything you do, David!”