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When people get hurt because of someone else’s recklessness or negligence, they often have the same questions for lawyers like, “What’s my case worth?” or “How much do you think we could get?” The truth is attorneys are not divine wizards who can conjure up money or the unknown. No jury or insurance company hands over a million dollars unless a devastating tragedy has occurred.

At the Portland office of Wallace Law Firm, I know that your injury, its permanency, job status and culpability of the person who caused the injury define the scope of your settlement and the nature and course of medical treatment necessary.

When it comes to securing the best possible settlement in your compensation claim, there are four rules that anyone should follow.

The Four Rules

While navigating your way to a personal injury settlement, the steps you take to get there are crucial. There are four primary steps that you should take to increase your settlement.

  1. Treat immediately after the accident and request diagnostic images – injuries may take a while to manifest, but do not wait else it’ll become “preexisting.”
  2. Do not rush the process for treatment or settlement – the worst you can do is close out your claim before you know what it’s worth.
  3. Keep track of expenses, and any lost wages; your job now is to get better, and if work is not an option, there are ways to receive income.
  4. Find an attorney you can trust. Not all attorneys put in the same effort in a personal injury claim, so make sure the one you choose is dedicated to your well-being.

I can help you follow these steps and avoid critical mistakes that could jeopardize your settlement. My experience can become your advantage in your compensation claim.

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