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David Wallace


I believe accountability in law comes from an attorney who has a vendetta against the status quo, and that's what you'll find in me. In every case I take on, I bring a direct, client-focused, and cost-conscious approach to the table. I talk with clients like they are my peers — because they are — and keep them thoroughly informed at each stage of their case.

You can catch me down at the courthouse shaking down the justice system for the people who need it most. I love having the opportunity to advocate on the behalf of my clients and their truth. My job is to fight for your interests as tenaciously as my opponent fights for theirs. That’s why I call myself a “law dog warrior.”

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Charged with a Crime? Let Me Help.

Injustice comes in many forms. Regardless of the severity of your charges, you still have rights and deserve to be treated with respect. Legal conflicts like criminal offenses are tough enough to deal with — you should have an attorney that's easy to talk to about your situation. If you've been accused or arrested for a crime in Portland, I'm here to advocate on your behalf.

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I can Support You

The main focus of my practice is personal injury. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured by someone else’s negligence or recklessness, I can help you bring your case to court or negotiate a settlement with the insurance companies. Your case may be a steep climb toward justice, but I'm ready to make the trek with you.

After sustaining an injury from an accident, it's difficult to fight for your deserved compensation when you're in the midst of recovery. No two injuries are alike, so don't let your hardship be treated like another case number. My personal injury law firm is here to help you seek the settlement you're entitled to while keeping you in the know on what exactly is going on in your case. I want to help you secure the best possible result for you and your future well-being. Contact my Portland office to get started now.

If you've suffered from mental or physical wounds from a recent car accident, dog bite, slip-and-fall, or other incident and you're in the Portland, Oregon area, reach out to my law firm for a free consultation. I will travel to Salem, Eugene, and anywhere in Oregon for a client who could benefit from my aggressive advocacy. If you're dealing with a case of wrongful death or a product or premises liability injury, enlist my knowledge of personal injury and criminal defense law and my passion for justice today.